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FIBA Europe Basketball Coaching App

Dear coaches, dear friends,

The FIBA Europe coaching department has developed a coaching app.

The official FIBA Europe app “Basketball Coaching” is a mobile version of our Coaching Website. Our app enables you to use the main functions of our website on your mobile devices with a new intuitive control.

  • Draw plays/drills easily with our new drawing tool. Take full use of your mobile devices abilities.
  • Use our coaching community to see and learn new plays and drills published by other coaches.
  • Share your own plays and drills.
  • Organize your own plays in your own folder structure in our new library.
  • Take your practice plans in an intuitive design to practice
  • Use our new coaching board for quick drawings.
  • To use on- and offline.

Feel free to take a look. With the following links you will be able to install the apps on your mobile devices. The best usage would be on a tablet, but it can also be used on smart phones.

IOS: Click here

Android: Click here